In most workflows our users build with Actiondesk, they have to create logic depending on dates, for example:
Trigger an alert when the delta between the delivered and shipped dates of an order is too long

Making calculations on dates is a big part of Actiondesk and any spreadsheet software.

One case, in particular, can be tricky. When the date returned by a service is not a data format but a text format (sometimes it's due to a problem with the service, sometimes, it's the user who created a text field and filled it with dates 🙈).

string dates

Thanks to the powerful functions within Actiondesk, you can still exploit this kind of dates. In the specific case displayed above where the format of the text is YYYY-MM-DD and the name of the column is "Date":
Add a column named year with the formula LEFT(Date,4)
Add a column named month with the formula RIGHT(LEFT(Date,7),2)
Add a column named day with the formula RIGHT(Date,2)
Add a final column names "Reformated_date" with the formula: DATE(year,month,day)

Your field "Reformated_date" will have a date format, and you will be able to use to calculate deltas among other things.

New field with the date

If you want to learn more about RIGHT, LEFT and DATE functions, checkout this article with the list and description of all the available functions in Actiondesk.

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