We are ramping fast the number of integrations. This is what we currently have. If anything's missing, we'd love to hear what's important for you. Just leave us a note the chat at the bottom right of your screen. Thanks 🙏

Data sources:
MySQL: Import any table from your database or import data through a custom SQL query
PostgreSQL: Import any table from your database or import data through a custom SQL query
Salesforce: Import Leads, Contacts, Opportunities. Custom Objects, Cases, Accounts, Tasks, Campaigns
Hubspot: Import Companies, Contacts, Leads
Stripe: Import Customers, Plans, Subscriptions, Orders, Products, Charges, Events, Refunds, Coupons, Invoices, Invoice items
Typeform: Import answers to your forms
Pipedrive: Import Persons, Organizations, Deals, Activities, Pipelines
Zoho Books: Import Invoices, Recurring Invoices, items, Credit Notes, Organizations
Chartmogul: Import Metrics, Customers, Invoices
Google Sheets: Import any data in a google sheets (Careful, data needs to be properly formatted, see this article)
Trello: Import Cards, Boards, Members, Lists, Labels
Zendesk: Import Users, Tickets, Groups

Slack: Send messages to specific channels or users
Gmail: Send emails through your gmail account
Google Sheets: Create or update rows in a google sheet
Hubspot: Create or update companies, contacts and deals
Salesforce: Create or update contacts and accounts
Trello: Create or update cards
Zapier: Send data to Zapier using a webhook. That gives you access to the +1000 apps Zapier has an integration with (we're not quite there yet ). To learn more.
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