Being able to transform your raw data with a wide range of data transformations and functions is one of the main advantages of using Actiondesk. Here's the complete list of data transformations currently available:

Add column: Enables you to add a column with a name and an expression that can include functions and columns names. Here is the list of all the available functions in Actiondesk. Learn more.

Vlookup: Enables you to match some data from one data source with data from another data source using a common column. Learn more.

Pivot Table: Enables you to summarize and aggregate data. Learn more.

Filter: Enables you to exclude some rows matching some conditions from your workflow. Learn more.

Flatten: Some APIs will return fields with a json object in it. The flatten operation allows you to export each first level field from this object and turn each of them into a column.

Split: Equivalent to "Text to column" in Excel. Will take a column and split it into several columns given a separator.

Unnest: Equivalent to the Unnest operator in SQL. If one of your columns is an array (or a string with some commas in it), it will split that column and return as many rows as there were elements in the array (with all other columns being equal)
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