Typeform and Trello are some of the most popular business apps out there (and with Actiondesk users).

Let's see here how you can automatically create a new Trello card based on a template you've defined for every new entry in one of your typeform forms.

Here's the how our Trello board is setup:

Our Trello board

This is my typeform:

My typeform

As you can see, I have a question that asks the user to upload a file.

For each new respondant, I want to create:
A trello card following the template 1 if the answer to Question 1 is "Answer A"
A trello card following the template 2 if the answer to Question 1 is "Answer B"

All right, let's do it!

Start by creating a new workflow
Import the form in question and the trello cards from your board
Let's add a column to figure out which template we should use for each answer, let's input the following formula:
IF(Question 1="Answer A","Template_card_1","Template_card_2")
Now, let's see the full power of Actiondesk. Let's do a vlookup to get all the informations about those templates. By doing a vlookup using the name of the cards as the common id between both tables, we can get the checklists, members, name, description, labels and attachements of the template.
My vlookup
We now have in our dataset all the informations we need to create the card we need for each response. Let's do it, click on Program actions
Choose Trello, Create a new card, choose the board and list you need.
Do the following setup:

You can event add as many comments as you'd like using text or variables from your dataset
To see how things look, Run Once! Magic!
Lastly, schedule and publish your workflow at the frequency you'd like.
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