Duplicates management is a very powerful feature of Actiondesk, but it can be confusing. Here's what you need to know.

**Why Duplicates Management?**

Actiondesk enables you to trigger actions when some specific conditions are met, and it will check that those conditions are met very frequently (the frequency is defined by the user and can be as high as every 5 minutes).
Now let's imagine you have a workflow triggering a slack message to your account management team when a customer hadn't connected to your app for 7 days.
You might set this workflow to run every 5 min. You'll get a slack message for Customer A who hasn't used your app for 7 days.
Without duplicates management, you'll get a slack message every 5min until this customer A connects to your app.
That might not be what you want as it could be spammy and drowns your sales people in a lot of alerts.

With Actiondesk, and thanks to duplicates management, you could decide that once you got an alert for a specific customer, you don't want to have any new alert ever or for a specific time period.
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