1.1: Connecting Hubspot to Actiondesk

1.2: Connecting a SQL database to Actiondesk

1.3: Importing data to the Actiondesk spreadsheet

2.1 Filters in Actiondesk

2.2 Copy and paste unique in Actiondesk

2.3 Aggregation formulas in Actiondesk

2.4 Computed (or calculated) columns in the Actiondesk spreadsheet

2.5: Combining data from various sources with the lookup function

2.6 The concept of table

3 Upcoming features in actiondesk

4.1 Actiondesk use case: Fully automated dashboard (using Airbnb data)

4.2 Actiondesk use case: How to create an automated Hubspot funnel analysis spreadsheet

4.3 Actiondesk use case: How to build a Hubspot lifecycle stage automated dashboard in a spreadsheet

4.4 Actiondesk use case How to create a fully automated Hubspot sales rep dashboard in a spreadsheet

How to use the different than operator in a aggregation formula