Actiondesk User manual

Actiondesk User manual

What Actiondesk can't do yet but will do soon (next 2 months)

  • Actiondesk is for now a solo player tool. If you want colleagues to access actiondesk, share your credentials with them. We'll add collaboration functions very soon.
  • We don't support yet all functions you may know from Excel or Google Sheets. If you need one we don't have, just let us know, we'll add it within 24h.
  • Counta, Countifs and Sumifs can only apply to columns from imported tables. If you use them with a range from the spreadsheet which is not from an imported table, they will not work.

What Actiondesk is good at right now:

  • Importing data from a SQL database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server) or Hubspot
  • Building a dashboard based on the raw data using aggregation formulas such as sum, counta, sumifs, countifs, etc
  • Refreshing automatically the raw data every hour (every 6h for Hubspot) so that your dashboard is updated

Please do not import more than 100,000 rows, we'll automatically limit imports of more than that.

Also, please not we currently support only one date format: MM/DD/YYYY

Formulas that can be used with columns from imported tables:

  • Sum
  • Counta
  • Countifs
  • Sumifs
  • Countuniqueifs
  • average
  • averageif, averageifs

Other formulas available:

List of formulas supported

What we'll build in the next 12 months:

  • Collaboration
    • Being able to add coworkers to the workspace
    • Being able to handle access level per sheet with write / read granularity
  • Sorting a table
  • Pivot tables
  • Integrations with more data sources: Stripe, Salesforce, Shopify, etc
  • Graphs
  • More formulas