List of formulas supported

List of formulas and parameters

FormulaSummaryExampleAvailable?New Engine Status
IncludeReturns TRUE if the string contains the substring, FALSE otherwiseINCLUDE("string", "is the word string in this sentence?)YesTo implement
Timestamp_to_dateReturns a date with the format "MM-DD-YYYY". Takes a UNIX timestamp (in seconds) as argument.TIMESTAMPTODATE(308966400)YesTo implement
YearReturns the year of a specific dateYEAR("10/17/1979")YesTo implement
MonthReturns the month of a specific date, in numeric formatMONTH("10/17/1979")YesTo implement
WeeknumReturns the week numberWEEKNUM("10/17/1979")YesTo implement
AverageReturns the average value of a datasetAVERAGE(#selling_price)YesTo implement
RoundRounds a number to a certain number of decimal places, always rounding down to the next valid increment.ROUNDDOWN(99.44, 1)YesTo implement
RoundupRounds a number to a certain number of decimal places, always rounding up to the next valid increment.ROUNDUP(99.44, 1)YesTo implement
RounddownRounds a number to a certain number of decimal places according to standard rules.ROUND(99.44, 1)YesTo implement
PMTCalculates the periodic payment for an annuity investment based on constant-amount periodic payments and a constant interest rate.PMT(1%, 360, 100000, 0, 0)YesTo implement
NotReturns the opposite of a logical value - NOT(TRUE) returns FALSE; NOT(FALSE) returns TRUE.NOT(TRUE)YesTo implement
IntRounds a number down to the nearest integer that is less than or equal to it.INT(24.8)YesTo implement
AndReturns true if all of the provided arguments are logically true, and false if any of the provided arguments are logically false.AND(A1=1, A2=2)YesTo implement
OrReturns true if any of the provided arguments are logically true, and false if all of the provided arguments are logically false.OR(A1=1, A2=2)YesTo implement
IfReturns one value if a logical expression is TRUE and another if it is FALSE.IF(42>9, “all good”, “something is wrong in the matrix”)YesTo implement
MinReturns the minimum value in a numeric dataset.MIN(A3, 5)YesTo implement
MaxReturns the maximum value in a numeric dataset.MAX(A3, 42)YesTo implement
NetworkdaysReturns the number of net working days between two provided dates.NETWORKDAYS(A1, B1, C1:C10)YesTo implement
UpperReturn the string in uppercaseUPPER("Actiondesk")NoTo implement
RightReturns a substring from the end of a specified string.RIGHT("Actiondesk", 4)NoTo implement
ProperThe PROPER function sets the first character in each word to uppercase and the rest to lowercaseNoTo implement
IsnumberReturns true if value is a number. It must be true if it is a string representing a number.NoTo implement
IstextReturn true if value is a stringNoTo implement
IsblankReturn true if empty stringNoTo implement
RankThe RANK function returns the rank of a number in a list of numbers.NoTo implement
XorNoTo implement
IfsNoTo implement
ConcatenateNoTo implement
IslogicalNoTo implement
DatevalueNoTo implement
IndexNoTo implement
FloorNoTo implement
lenNoTo implement
LowerNoTo implement
ReplaceNoTo implement
SearchNoTo implement
TextNoTo implement
WeekdayDay of the week of the date provided (as a number)WEEKDAY("10/17/1979")NoTo implement
DayReturns the day of the month of a specific date, in numeric format.DAY("10/17/1979")NoTo implement
LeftReturns a substring from the beginning of a specified string.LEFT("Actiondesk", 6)NoTo implement
IferrorReturns the first argument if it is not an error value, otherwise returns the second argument if present, or a blank if the second argument is absent.IFERROR(A1/A2, "Error")Being worked onTo implement
IserrorChecks whether a value is an error. Will return TRUE or FALSEISERROR(10/0)Being worked onTo implement
DateConverts a provided year, month, and day into a date.DATE(1979, 10, 17) Being worked onTo implement
MatchNoTo be specified
PercentileNoTo be specified
SumproductNoTo be specified
DatedifNoTo be specified
DaysNoTo be specified
CeilingNoTo be specified
TrueReturns the logical value TRUETRUE()YesDone
FalseReturns the logical value FALSEFALSE()YesDone
TodayReturns the current date.TODAY()YesDone
SumReturns the sum of a series of numbers and/or cells or of a columnSUM(A2:A100, 101) or SUM(#price)YesDone
LookupSearches down a column for a key and returns the value of a specified cell in the row found. Cannot be nested in another function. Nor can a function be nested in a lookupLOOKUP(#customerid, ‘Sheet2!’#id, ‘Sheet2!’#name)YesTo not implement
CountuniqueifsCounts the number of unique values in a column, filtered by a set of criteria applied to additional columns.COUNTUNIQUEIFS(#user_name, #country, "France", #signup_date, ">"&E3)YesTo not implement
CountuniqueCounts the number of unique values in a column.COUNTUNIQUE(#user_name)YesTo not implement
CountifReturns the count of a column depending on one criteria.COUNTIF(#product_category, "Phones")YesTo not implement
SumifReturns the sum of a column depending on one criteria.SUMIF(#price, #product_category, "Phones")YesTo not implement
AverageifsReturns the average of a column depending on multiple criteria.AVERAGEIFS(#selling_price, #product_category, "phones", #country, "France")YesTo not implement
CountaReturns the number of values in a columnCOUNTA(#booking_id)YesTo not implement
SumifsReturns the sum of a column depending on multiple criteria.SUMIFS(#price, #product_category, "Phones", #booking_date, ">"&E3)YesTo not implement
CountifsReturns the count of a column depending on multiple criteria.COUNTIFS(#product_category, "Phones", #booking_date, ">"&E3)YesTo not implement
MaxifsNoTo not implement
PercentileifNoTo not implement
MinifsNoTo not implement
XlookupNoTo not implement
VlookupNoTo not implement
GPT-3Given a range as a "training dataset", returns a similar patternGPT-3(A1:B4, "France")Being worked onTo not implement
AMATo not implement